Organic Gorwydd Caerphilly (below), Roll

Summer 2022 Cheese Prices

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Three Classic cheeseboards


                  1. SIMPLE CHEESEBOARD

 200g blue, 200g traditional firm English and 150/250g soft/brie (min total weight 600g).  



Note: these pictures don't show the actual cheese you will get, in terms of size or type.



                2. GOAT & SHEEP ONLY


200g blue,  200g firm & 150g/250g soft (min weight 600g) 




         3. ADD A SPECIAL!

Includes 4 cheeses: 


200g traditional firm, 200g Blue, 150/250g soft or brie and 200g of a special cheese (minimum total weight 800g)


Individual cheeses & Cut to Order

These can be ordered separately or in addition to the cheese board options above and the cut cheese below. Mix and match as you like. for advice just email or ring me at or 07871 752753


A lovely little sheep's milk brie from Berkshire. (200g) £8.50


Katherine, a firm goat's cheese, washed in Somerset Cider Brandy! Nice!! Baby whole cheeses £3.65/100g

Harbourne Blue

A crumbly goat's milk blue made in Totnes, with raw milk. (V) £4/100g


Rachel, a firm, smooth and supple goat's milk cheese from Somerset. £3.85/100g

Barkham blue

Barkham Blue, rich and creamy cow's blue from Berkshire. £3.45/100g


Spenwood, A lovely, sweet, aromatic, mature raw sheep's milk cheese from Berkshire. £3.45/100g

Pitchfork Cheddar

An organic, old fashioned, mature Cheddar, made in Somerset by the Threthowan family. £3.10/100g


Ashcombe is made with a single herd, organic milk at King stone Dairy in Chedworth, Gloucestershire. Running down it's centre lies a line of ash. The cheese is gorgeously supple and mellow. £3.10/100g

Tor goat cheese

Gorgeous soft goat's milk cheese rolled in Ash from Somerset (200g each) £9 each.

Sparkenhoe Blue

Sparkenhoe Blue, a raw milk cheese, very like a Stilton, from Upton in Leicestershire. £3.00/100g

Baron Bigod

The famous Baron Bigod from Fen Farm Dairy. Made with raw cow's milk and traditional rennet. Unbeatable! £3.45/100g

Organic Gorwydd Caerffili

The best Caerphilly ever, from the Trethowan brothers in Somerset £ 3.10/100g

Beenleigh Blue

Beenleigh Blue from Totnes. Made with raw sheep's milk and tastes exceptional! £4/100g


Moreton, the new buttery, Tomme style cheese from King Stone Dairy.


A scrummy, washed cow's cheese, made in Gloucestershire with pasteurised cow's milk. Banded in a spruce bark and named after the Rollright Stones. £3.25/100g. It's also available as individual cheeses £

Truffle Gloucester

Truffle Gloucester, made on an organic farm near Stow on the Wold, with a strong line of local Truffles down the centre. £3.60/100g

All my cheeses are sourced from farms, small holdings and cheese makers in the South of England and Wales. I sell what I think are the best of their kind in each style of cheese. I get them from the Cheesemaker direct.  I hope you will join me in supporting English and Welsh cheese making! The taste and quality is outstanding!