cheese PriCES 2020

All these cheese are sourced from farms, small holdings and cheese makers in the South of England and Wales. I sell what I think are the best of their kind in each style of cheese. If you don't believe me, you only have to try them, to change your mind!


  • Vintage Sparkenhoe is, in my opinion, the very best Red Leicester and the only raw milk Leicester in Britain. It's at least 18 months old and made in Leicestershire!

  • Montgomery's Cheddar from Somerset is the best Cheddar and Gorwydd Caerphilly is the very best Caerphilly currently made.

  • Witheridge in hay is a unique cheese in Britain, which comes from an organic farm near Henley-on-Thames.

  • Evenlode and Rollright are special washed cheeses, made by David Jowett, in Gloucestershire. During 2020 I hope to be able to taste the first of his new raw milk Double Gloucester. I will keep you updated!

  • Gloucester with Truffles, a joint project between 2 English food producers is also very sought after. Simon Weaver makes the cheese on his organic farm in the Cotswolds.

  • I have a wide range of sheep and goat's cheese, including Peter Humphrey's Award winning raw goat's milk cheeses, Rachel, Katherine and Tor from Somerset..

  • and Harbourne goats' Blue (Devon).

  • I will soon be stocking a new local firm sheep's milk cheese from Carlton in Bedfordshire.

  • Three excellent soft, brie style, cheeses made from sheep's milk are Norfolk White Lady, Wigmore (Berkshire) and Flower Marie (Sussex). They tend to be seasonal and not available during the lambing season.

  • ....And Blues!!! There are so many excellent English Blues, I struggle to please everyone! My favourite is the raw sheep's milk Beenleigh Blue from Devon. For a more conventional blue choose Barkham blue (Berkshire), Sparkenhoe Blue (Leicestershire) or Perl Las (Wales).

For advice in choosing a cheese board please ring Meril on 07871 752753 or email me at or you can visit me at a Farmer's Market and taste the cheeses free. Please see How to buy, for further information.

Cheese Boards

    3 cheeses x 250g each, including one blue, traditional and soft £21.00

4 cheeses x 250g each, including blue, traditional, soft and special £28.00

        5 cheeses x 300g each, including the above and one extra £40.00

Individual cheese.

                               Little Ouse - cow's brie LOCAL (200g) £8.50

             Cerney Ash goat pyramid £8.50 (250g) or Cerney Ash mini (140g) £5.50

   Tor - ash rolled raw goat's pyramid with a strong runny centre when ripe. £8.50

                                     All above weights are approximate.

Cut to Order

                                  Vintage Sparkenhoe Red Leicester £2.65/100g

                              Montgomery’s Mature Somerset Cheddar £2.65/100g

Gorwydd Caerphilly - traditional Welsh, Dales style cheese - raw cow's milk £2.70/100g

               Witheridge in hay - Organic cow’s milk cheese kept in hay. £3.00/100g


            Rollright - washed, oozy, cow’s cheese, wrapped in Spuce bark £3.20/100g

           Rachel – semi hard, smooth textured, goat cheese from Somerset £3.25/100g

            Katherine - hard goat cheese, washed in Somerset Cider Brandy £3.25/100g

                Spenwood - mature firm, sheep cheese, from Berkshire £3.20/100g

                              Wigmore - delicate ewe’s milk brie style cheese £3.20/100g

   Barkham Blue - creamy cow’s blue from Berkshire £2.95/100g. Whole cheese £22.00

    Sparkenhoe Blue – raw milk Stilton style blue from Leicestershire (cow) £2.80/100g

             Beenleigh blue – strong, sharp sweet, raw ewe's milk blue. £3.35/100g

                  Harbourne Blue - A beautiful, raw goat's milk blue. £3.35/100g

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Please order as soon in plenty of time, to ensure you get what you want!

    If you suffer from allergies or food intolerances please ask!