Truly Scrumptious Cheese

The fact is that every one of the cheeses I sell is truly scrumptious however this is the name I'm giving to these soft, runny cheeses in my collection, many people would describe them as "brie-style".

Wigmore is a delicate, raw milk, high quality, brie style sheep's cheese from Berkshire.

Sharpham is made with Organic raw Jersey milk giving it a rich, yellow colour, from the excellent Sharpham Estate. 

Tor is a stronger soft, goat's cheese , which is coated in the traditional way in ash and comes in an attractive pyramid shape or as a log (called Driftwood). Veg. Somerset.

White Nancy, also from Somerset is made with goat's milk, it's crumbly when young and creamier when riper. A great favourite with the 'Park Runners'at Wimpole Hall! Veg. Raw milk.

Durrus- Irish washed cheese.
Cremet (image coming soon)
Flower Marie
Somerset Tor
White Nancy (image coming soon)
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