Sweet and Curvy Cheese!

These are washed cheeses:

Rachel is smooth and creamy goat cheese but nothing like a soft goat's cheese, a great favourite with many customers. Highly recommended. Veg. Raw goat's milk. Somerset.

Katherine is washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and is firmer than Rachel. Non veg. Raw goat's milk. Somerset.

Washbourne is a lovely, smooth, gentle and delicate sheep's milk cheese. A new cheese fro the excellent Sharpham Estate. Veg. Devon.

These are semi soft, creamy but crumbly cheeses:

Ticklemore is a delightful clean fresh tasting goat's cheese. Veg. Devon.

Sharpham Rustic which is available plain and simple or with wild garlic and chives (as pictured below). Both are made from organic raw Jersey cow's milk o the Sharpham Estate where the cow's graze naturally on the lush meadows of the Dart Valley. The added wild garlic comes from the cow's grazing meadows, where they can eat it themselves. Veg.

Washbourne (image coming soon)
Lightly washed, young, semi soft sheep's cheese from Devon.
Katherine (image coming soon)
Bosworth Field (image coming soon)
Sharpham Rustic
Available plain and simple or with garlic and chives (pictured).
Veg. Raw, Organic Jersey Cow's milk. Devon.
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